Movin' On

Out now

The second single from the award-winning singer-songwriter’s upcoming album offers equal parts of cozy warmth and an earthy retro groove. „Movin‘ On“ is a beautiful song about overcoming fears and self-doubt.

„This song always reminds me to keep going, no matter what. To get back up, no matter what thoughts are chasing me. I sing about dark, elusive shadows, confusing fears and the feelings in these wild times. BUT the glims of hope and the will to change are stronger. It’s about letting go of the old and opening up to the new.“

The long awaited studio version of „Movin‘ On“ is produced by Julian Losigkeit at atlas Tonstudio. The image of shadow and light, stillness and movement, was captured by Simon and Alina von der Gathen. Watch the Video and go stream the song on you favorite platforms right now. <3

Artwork Movin On_